Community Links

Articulation Station
Articulation Station (free & pay) is a fun, colorful, and engaging app for kids to use to improve articulation

Bear River Health Department
BRHD is located at 655 E 1300 N in Logan, Utah, and offers a wide range of affordable medical and education services to families in Cache Valley. Families can receive updated immunizations, health education, substance abuse services, nursing services, and information on applying for WIC (Women, infants, and children). BRHD also offers classes and information regarding emergency preparation and environmental education. Contact them at (435) 752-6500 or check out their website.

The Cache Community Food Pantry
If you have a family in need of immediate food assistance, please refer to this link to learn more about the Cache Community Food Pantry. The food pantry serves the entire Cache Valley, and is an excellent resource for all families, even those with infants. Distributions occur every Tuesday, and your visits/month will be determined by several factors including household income, employment, and number of people living in your home. Please contact (435) 753-7140 or click on the link for more information, income guidelines, and an application.

Cache Valley Community Health Clinic
The clinic located at 272 1/2 N Main Street in Logan is a department of the Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital. This excellent resource is available to individual and families who do not have access to health insurance.The clinic is open starting at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and sees patients on a first come first serve basis. The services are free although patients may have to pay for medications, in which case a co-payment voucher service is available. Basic physician, dental, and pharmacy services are available on certain days of the month, as well as educational services and special events such as dermatology and women's health services on specific days throughout the month. This is a great resource to take advantage of for you and your family! Please call (435) 716-5410 during business hours or visit the link for more information.

CAPSA (Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency)
This service is dedicated to protecting victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault in a safe, confidential, and caring environment. CAPSA provides shelter, advocacy, support, and education for victims. Any victims of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault are urged to seek out the services CAPSA provides in order to seek shelter, become educated about options and victim's rights, and to join local support groups. Know that confidentiality and safety are extremely important in providing support for victims. Please remember that if you are in need of assistance during non-business hours, never hesitate to call the 24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE at (435) 753-2300, or 911 if you are in immediate danger.

Care About Childcare @ USU
This program offered out of USU is a branch of Utah's state Care About Childcare program. It is a resource offered to families with one, two, three, or more children and who are looking for a reliable database for childcare services in the area. Families can also check out parenting classes and financial assistance services on the main page. To visit or contact the office on the USU campus, go to 6510 Old Main Hill in Logan or call (435) 797-1552. If you want to visit the Utah Care About Childcare website, click the link.

Centro de la Familia
El Centro de la Familia provides crisis intervention and educational resources to Cache Valley's Hispanic community members. There is also a school readiness program called Head Start that offers admission for either a half day and full day schedule with start dates in September (half day) or April (full day). El Centro de la Familia is a state-wide organization based in Salt Lake City, but has centers in Providence and Honeyville. The Providence center is located at: 316 N Gateway Dr, Providence, UT (435-787-2328) and the Honeyville center is located at: 6980 N 2550 W, Honeyville, UT (435-279-1088).

Child & Family Support Center
Located at 380 W 1400 N in Logan, the Child & Family Support Center aims to strengthen families and protect children because, "We also recognize that life is challenging, parenting is a difficult job, and ALL families need support" (Child & Family Support Center website). Visit this center to receive educational training for parents and children, Crisis/Respite Care, Adoption Respite Care, and free therapy services for those who are eligible. PLEASE CALL THE 24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE at (435) 752-8880 FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. For extensive information regarding all services, classes, and events, visit the link.

Comcast Internet Services
Comcast is offering families the opportunity to receive internet access at home for only $10 per month. Children must be on free/reduced lunch and families must not have had Comcast Internet in the last 90 days to qualify. Please call (1855) 846-8376 for more information on how to set up this service at home.

CRIC (Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection)
CRIC is a coalition of people dedicated to the positive development of refugee communities in the Cache Valley. During their walk-in hours, CRIC helps guide families through their mail, bills, forms, and appointments as well as educating them on assistance options, language centers and classes, job opportunities, and other support services. CRIC's services are free for families. If you are a refugee family in need of these services, know of a family who may benefit from these services, or wish to volunteer with CRIC, please email: or, you can click the link for more information.

CVTD (Cache Valley Transit District)
The CVTD is a free bus system that runs throughout the Cache Valley, stopping at many schools, grocery stores and shopping centers, parks, and government offices in the area. Please make use of this incredible resource as gas prices are still very high. The Transit Center (TC) is located in the Smith's parking lot on 150 E 500 N in Logan. Click the link to check out schedules and times.

Deseret Industries
Deseret Industries at 175 W 1400 N is an excellent place to find affordable clothing and household items including furniture, dishware, crafts supplies, and even books. They also offer great employment opportunities as well as technical and career training and opportunities with other business that are similar to internships. Call (435) 752-4511 or visit the link.

The DWS (Department of Workforce Services)
The DWS is an excellent resource for families that is funded by the state of Utah. Families are able to seek food, cash, childcare, unemployment, and medical support as well as job employment assistance and preparation for all community members, including veterans. There are also training events, career opportunities, and current statistics that you can read about on the website. If you would like more detailed information from a live person, the DWS is located at 180 N 100 W in Logan or can be reached at (435) 792-0300. If you would like information online, click on the link.

ELC (English Language Center)
The ELC is an incredible language resource for families seeking not only English-language assistance, but job employment, citizenship preparation, and life skills building assistance as well! Different classes are offered depending on the type of assistance you are seeking, and at various levels and low cost. If you do not need assistance, but are passionate about helping this incredible non-profit to continue helping to serve other members of your community, they also accept donations and offer volunteer opportunities.

Family Life Center of USU
The Family Life Center at USU offers an affordable Marriage & Family Therapy clinic for families wishing to enhance their relationships, decrease conflict, improve communication, and to overcome other challenges. It also offers educational workshops and one-on-one counseling with it's Housing & Financial Counseling program that helps all families in the community, including those with low-income, to learn more about good decision-making, questions to ask, and what to look for when searching for a place to live. The Family Life Center is located at 493 N 700 E or can be reached at (435) 797-7430. Check out the link for more information.

FIRC (Family Information & Resource Center)
The FIRC is located right next to the Wilson Elementary playground in the red brick house and offers free services to families such as a game and book library for children that families may "check out," parenting classes and resources (LoveAndLogic), educational summer programs for children, and a pre-school program for the little ones called Ready!Set!School! The services are free, and all you have to do is fill out a form at the FIRC site.

Homelessness Assistance (via the McKinney-Venton Homeless Education Assistance Act)
If you and your family are currently without your own home yet you want your children to continue going to school, your children may be eligible for certain services at no cost including school lunch, tutoring, transportation, pre-school, and others. If you want more information on what free school services are available for your children and a great list of other community resources, contact (435) 755-8024 or please visit the link.

Home Speech Home
Home Speech Home is a very useful website with information about speech therapy, disorder descriptions, and tips on how to improve communication skills as well worksheets, activity ideas, and app suggestions that you can use with your child at home to encourage speech and language development!

Logan City Library
The library at 225 N Main Street offers families and community members free internet access and free use of all reading materials (with a library card/account). To contact the library, call (435) 716-9123 or visit their website by clicking the link.

Logan City School District
LCSD is an excellent resource for families, particularly homeless families, who wish to find out more information on qualifying for free/reduced lunch, community resources, and the homelessness assistance program. LCSD also provides eligible families with school supplies, winter blankets, and gift cards throughout the year. The office is located at 101 West Center Street if you wish to meet with a staff member in person. Otherwise, please call (435) 755-2300 or visit their website.

Mommy Speech Therapy
Mommy Speech Therapy is an excellent resource created by a parent for other parents who want to help their child improve on their speech and language. Provides worksheets, links to articulation screening, links to apps and other resources, both professional articles and personal accounts from other parents, and tips and suggestions on best practices.

Neighborhood Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Located on 195 W Golf Course Rd, Suite 1, this housing corporation offers affordable, quality housing options for low-income families as well as seniors and veterans. They also offer Housing & Foreclosure counseling and mutual self-help housing, rental options, and loan programs. Call (435) 753-1112 or visit their website for more information.

Speaking of Speech
Speaking of Speech is a website geared towards speech pathologists and teachers so that they can exchange ideas, materials, and successful lesson plans, explore resources, and talk to other professionals in the field about improving communication in our schools. Parents- get on this website to see what professionals in the field are buzzing about!

Speech Tutor (Android App)
Speech Tutor - Improve your English pronunciation yourself!
It is very important to speak clear English. It is not essential to speak like native English speakers. Speech Tutor detects native/non-native words. When you say a sentence in a clear, confident and slow speech everybody will understand. Speech Tutor is giving you the platform to practice your pronunciation at your comfort - no worries, no embarrassments, no time limit!

Speech Tutor (iOS App)
Whether you're a speech and language pathologist (SLP), an SLP college student, a parent of children with speech delays, or someone trying to improve their American English accent, you’re going to find this an invaluable application.

Understanding Inferences Fun Deck (Android App)
Understanding Inferences Fun Deck (pay) is another colorful app for kids that will help them boost their inferencing and reasoning skills while they improve their communication.

Understanding Inferences Fun Deck (iOS App)
Same as the Android app (above).