November 8, 2018

In attendance: Sue Sorenson, Michelle Jensen, Amy Cox, Liz Halaufia, Susan Woolley, Stephani Dickson, Kelly Marchant, Jessica Forrey, Bill Bradford

-Liz motioned to approve the minutes from last month and Jessica made the motion to second.

-Discussed walking around the neighborhood to deliver the bread to neighbors of the school.  Date set to deliver on November 20th at 10:00 am. Sue will order and pick-up the bread.

-City has map needed for safe walking route around Wilson.  We will work on this. Concern for bus pick-up at 400 West. There is no stop sign between 1400 N. and 1800 N.  Students need to cross between that road to catch the bus, but it has been noticed that the cars don’t always stop for the buses.  

-Thank you cards handed out to thank representatives for our Trustlands Money.

-Budget update-

-Veteran’s Day Assembly tomorrow.  All ready for that.

-Combined literacy night with PTA.  We will support the PTA with this effort.  This will be held in January 29th.

-No December meeting

-Art Member needed to sit on a District Art Team.  This money is to be used to help with Art education and providing further opportunities for students.  

-Tentative night for STEAM night might be March 26th.

-Lock down school- what do we do if the school has a situation where students are outside.  

-E2 groups concern with mixing up the activities there.  The students feel the activities are the same each day.