Wilson Community Council

October 11, 2018


In Attendance: Sue Sorenson, Michelle Jensen, Liz Halaufia, Susan Woolley, Amy Cox, Jessica Forrey, Marion Bishop Stephani Dickson, Kelly Marchant, Bill Bradford

Absent: Katie Harris 

Susan moved to approve minutes from September.  Liz seconded, and all approved.

Review and move to approve Bylaws. Liz made the motion to approve Bylaws, Stephani seconded and all approved.

Sue presented a map for a safe walking route. Sections will be assigned to each member to look over and see if a safe walking route is in place.  Will report and update on the SNAP plan when action is complete.

Data Results for SAGE:

State results are in for SAGE.  Language Arts= 46  Math= 51  Science=50

Wilson results for SAGE.          Language Arts= 54  Math= 65  Science=57

Wilson is applauded for diversity, and still carrying great scores for testing.

Budget: carry over $2,767 (the district did not charge us for AR last year)


Technology-  $20,000 (used to replace chrome books in 3rd)

Salaries-         $24,500 (includes BTSALP and Instructional Assistants 7.25 hours per day)

Software- AR $2,500

Art Supplies- $3,000


Projected carry over $895 

Halloween Parade 1:45 pm.

Veteran’s Day Assembly

November 9th-  Music Program, Decorations, Sweet Rolls, Cards can be handed out and the third graders can help to be greeters as they come in to the gym!

 Classified Employees recognized and be voted for.  Person who is being awarded will be recognized at the Veteran’s Day Assembly.

 District Community Council meeting on November 29, 6:00 pm.