Wilson Elementary School Community Council Minutes

September 13, 2018
3:00-4:00 P.M.

Attending: Sue Sorenson, Michelle Jensen, Liz Halaufia, Susan Woolley, Amy Cox, Jessica Forrey, Marion Bishop, Stephani Dickson, Kelly Marchant Absent: Katie Harris, Bill Bradford

Introductions: (2 min.) Michelle Jensen

     ∙        Welcome new council members Jessica Forrey, Marion Bishop and Kelly Marchant

Review and Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting: (5 min.) No minutes to approve since this was the first meeting.

Business Items (30 min.) Sue

●      Community Council Responsibilities - Sue reviewed the responsibilities of the community council from the Land Trust Website handouts. 

●      Elections - Liz Halaufia nominated and Susan Wooley seconded that we elect Michelle Jensen for Council Chair.  The vote was unanimous.  Liz Halaufia nominated and Marion Bishop seconded that we elect Susan Wooley as Vice Chair.  The vote was unanimous.  Liz Halaufia nominated and Michelle Jensen seconded that we elect Amy Cox as the recorder.  The vote was unanimous. 

●      The council approved the budget to buy an additional set of computers for the new section of 5th grade.  Since technology was already in the budget there is no need for an amendment.

●      Upcoming dates:  January 29th at 5:30 the PTA and Community Council will join in sponsoring a literacy night.

●      March 26th the PTA and Community Council will sponsor a career/science fair.

●      A recommendation was made by Jessica Forrey to keep our facebook page up to date with information from the school.  She and Liz Halaufia volunteered to take the responsibility on. It was also suggested that at the end of phone calls we could mention to follow us on our facebook page. 

Next Meeting:  October 11 at 3:15pm

Assignment:  Read over bylaws to vote on in the October meeting.