Wilson Elementary School Community Council Minutes

September 14, 2017


Attended:  Michelle Jensen, Susan Woolley, Liz Haluafia, Katie Harris, Stephani  Dickson, Jennifer Beach, Amy Cox, and Sue Sorenson  Absent:  Bill Bradford

There was a discussion on the responsibilities of the School Community Council and the school safe routing plan.  Sue asked us to give some thought to a 4-way stop, and where busses should pick up and drop off.  Some options are: no parents dropping off/picking up in the loop, busses dropping off/picking up on the road on the East side of the school, or on the South side.

2017-18 SCC officers were elected:

SCC Chair – Susan Woolley nominated Michelle Jensen, seconded by Amy Cox.  Vote was unanimous in favor.

SCC Vice-chair – Michelle Jensen nominated Susan Woolley, seconded by Stephani Dickson.  Vote was unanimous in favor.

Secretary – Liz Halaufia nominated Jennifer Beach, seconded by Katie Harris.  Vote was unanimous in favor.

Wilson will have two parent involvement nights this year.  The first one will take place in October and will be a Literacy Night.   Parents will have the opportunity to learn how to do Scootpad. There will be a Science one in the spring. 

School Improvement Plan

We had a discussion on goals, money and spending.  The estimated amount Wilson will receive is $40,000 this upcoming year.  Expenditures need to be tied to goals of the School Improvement Plan.

Discussion on bylaws. 

Meetings will be on the second Thursday of every month.

District boundary discussion will be held at Wilson on September 28. 

Next meeting – October 12 at 3:00.